Church disaster recovery volunteer work

This is a compilation of articles which is designed to be useful for churches involving themselves in post disaster recovery work.  As well as some general information on disaster risk management (DRM), there are some practical examples of inter-church recovery initiatives carried out following both the 2009 Victorian floods, and the 2011 Victorian floods.  This blog is also written shortly after the March 2017 Tropical Cyclone (TC) Debbie which struck the NE Queensland coast, and which then morphed into severe flooding which stretched down the coast into NE NSW.

The initial article to read is the DRM framework, which includes some key diagrams for those wanting to better understand how disasters work (and the responses to them!)


We then introduce the TorqAid Toolkit which is a compendium of resources for the development and humanitarian practitioner or volunteer. There are some really useful tools here for volunteers wanting work in the field.


We then encourage people to look at the TC Debbie blog which can be found at  This includes priorities which will be carried out during the Disaster Risk Management Cycle (DRMC).


We then include some articles from the earlier afore-mentioned inter-church work carried out in Victoria.  This includes a report on the use of volunteers; a Project Design Document (PDD) for the bushfire-related work; and a short report following the first three bushfire-related working parties.

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Finally TorqAid offers a range of  training services, this including advisory/consultancy work; customised accredited DRM workshops; an online accredited DRM program; short courses; and mentoring.  Included here are links to the online DRM program and the short courses

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