TorqAid Update

Greetings for 2020 !

The monthly TorqAid Update ‘ provides a range of useful material for the global humanitarian or development practitioner.  Currently there are over 500 subscribers to this Update.  Included in this January 2020 Update are the following:

  • The TorqAid Toolkit –, a useful compendium of resources.  This includes the various training options offered by TorqAid, as well as some useful material or seminal articles.  This includes a Humanitarian and Development Bibliography, as well as a Humanitarian and Development Agency Directory
  • An updated article entitled a ‘Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Diagrammatic Framework’ . This includes four key TorqAid diagrams; a section on risk; and some key Humanitarian Evaluation Criteria (HEC).
  • A post/blog on bushfires – .  This is particularly relevant viz-a-viz the current bushfires ravaging a number of Australian States and Territories.  It includes a bibliography and agency directory, which in turn highlight lessons learnt from earlier bushfires (such as the 2009 Victorian ones).


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