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Chris Piper, the TorqAid CEO, is a multi-skilled Global Humanitarian and Development Practitioner, with complementary skills in humanitarian consultancy & advisory work, training, and research. As a training specialist, he is a registered and practising adult educator, university lecturer, and secondary education teacher. Chris has facilitated over 40 Disaster Risk Management (now renamed ‘Participatory Disaster Risk Management’ = PDRM) workshops across Australia and overseas, as well as 70 Participatory Project Management (PPM) workshops. He has also managed and facilitated an online PDRM program from 2016 to 2019. Since 2019, a series of Short Courses (SCs), have been introduced, as well as ‘Train Like a Champion’ program.


The accredited PDRM program normally lasts three days, and consists of six modules (see next section). When complemented by follow up assignments, the PDRM workshop is accredited with a couple of Australian universities. For the details of the university programs involved, as well as the assignment questions on offer, please see the link below.

PDRM Workshop Modules

The six modules covered in the PDRM workshops, are the following:

  • Mod 1    :     Key Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Issues & Diagrams.
  • Mod 2   :      Case Studies:  Australian Bushfires.  Climate Change
  • Mod 3   :      Participatory Project Management (PPM)
  • Mod 4   :      Risk Management
  • Mod 5   :      Conflict-related Case Study:  The Rohingya Situation
  • Mod 6   :      Final Practical Exercises

Participatory Disaster Risk Management (PDRM) Workshops

Since 2002, over 40 Participatory Disaster Risk Management (PDRM) workshops have been facilitated across Australia, and overseas.  The latter locations have included Vanuatu, PNG, Indonesia, Singapore, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, the UK, Madagascar and South Africa. TorqAid can be contracted by clients to implement and facilitate customised PDRM workshops across Australia and overseas.

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Participatory Project Management (PPM) Workshops

Since 2002, 70 Participatory Project Management (PPM) workshops have been facilitated across Australia and overseas.  The work in Australia has included interaction with Development Practitioners working with Aboriginal Communities across remote Australia. The overseas locations have included Fiji, PNG, Indonesia, Singapore, Afghanistan and Albania.

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Train Like a Champion (TLC)

We now have a ‘Train like a Champion’ (TLC) program.  This is designed primarily for individuals who are called upon to do teaching or training, but yet have not formal skills, background or qualifications in this area.  We therefore have a ‘one-pager’ article on this; a two day generic TLC program; and a three day customised humanitarian TLC program.  Follow the three links below for these respective items.



Short Training Courses

TorqAid also offers a number of short training courses.

Short Course (SC) 1:  Key Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Issues & Diagrams

SC2:   Case Study:  Australian Bushfires

SC3:   Case Study:  Climate Change

SC4:    Strengths & Challenges:  The Ten Seed Technique (TST) Ranking Tool

SC5:    Risk Management


SC7:    Conflict-related Case Study:  The Rohingya Situation

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