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TorqAid Update

TorqAid produces a Monthly Update, which is sent to over 500 subscribers. Enclosed here is the January 2020 Update which includes material on the latest versions of the TorqAid Toolkit and Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Framework, as well as a post/blog on Bushfires.


Chris Piper is an experienced, multi-skilled, Community Engagement Practitioner (CEP), Global Humanitarian Practitioner (GHP), Teacher/Trainer/Facilitator, and Researcher.  As well as ongoing ‘one-off’ community engagement, humanitarian, teaching/training and research initiatives, he also works as a Community Engagement and Training Adviser (CETA) and Global Humanitarian Adviser (GHA) for clients on a longer-term relationship basis.  Follow the link […]


Chris Piper is a multi-skilled Global Humanitarian Practitioner (GHP), Community Engagement Practitioner (CEP), Teacher/Trainer/Facilitator, and Researcher.  As well as ‘one-off’ humanitarian consultancies, trainings or research projects, Chris also offers longer-rerm engagement with select clients as both a Global Humanitarian Adviser (GHA) and Community Engagement and Training Adviser (CETA). Follow the link below to Chris Piper’s […]

Train Like a Champion

We have just introduced a short one page ‘Train like a Champion’ article, together with a two day ‘Train Like a Champion’ (TLC) workshop, and a three day ‘Humanitarian Train Like a Champion’ (HTLC) variant of this. This material is designed for the humanitarian or development practitioner who is required to teach or facilitate in the field, but yet who has no formal training or capacity building background.


Chris Piper is a multi-skilled, multi-lingual Global Humanitarian Practitioner, who has complementary skills in humanitarian consultancy/advisory work; training; and research. The link below focuses in on his experience as a humanitarian teacher, trainer & facilitator.  

October Update

The TorqAid October Update highlights some of the latest material on the TorqAid Toolkit. This includes seven new Short Courses on humanitarian issues, and a link to a Post on hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons.


September 2019 was the month when Hurricane Dorian devastated the Bahamas, and moved up the eastern coast of the US. As a result of this, TorqAid has updated its Post on Hurricanes-Cyclones-typhoons. This is useful material for both the humanitarian and development practitioner, as well as for tertiary/secondary students, and includes examples of earlier hurricanes/cyclones/typhoons from the Caribbean, SW Pacific (including Australia), NW Pacific, the Indian Ocean, and the Bay of Bengal.

Chris Piper GHP

Chris Piper is a multi-skilled, multi-lingual, Global Humanitarian Practitioner, and the link to his profile is given below. Complementary to this, the interested reader can contact Chris for a copy of his CV, as well as a more specific profile of his Global Humanitarian Practitioner experience in Bangladesh, this including work with the Rohingya refugees.