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Enclosed is a customised TorqAid Humanitarian & Development Bibliography, with details highlighted of material relating to earthquakes and tsunamis. This includes publications on: – General information (by ACAPS & ALNAP) – The 2018 Sulawesi earthquake/tsunami, and Lombok earthquake – The 2018 PNG earthquake – The 2015 Nepal earthquake – The 2011 Japan earthquake, tsunami & […]


Included here is a link to the TorqAid Global Humanitarian & Development Bibliography, with references highlighted which relate to Community Developnment (CD), Project Management, Participation, and Training The non-customised version of this bibliography can be found in the TorqAid Toolkit

Agencies CD PM Participation Training

Enclosed here is the link to the TorqAid Humanitarian & Development Agencies Directory, with a highlighted focus on Community Development (CD), Project Management (PM), Participation, and Training. This overall directory (minus the highlights) can be found in the Torqaid Toolkit – see link below

PDRM teaching framework

Follow the link below for the Participatory Disaster Risk Management (PDRM) Teaching Framework. This consists of three components: – The Intended Outcome of the PDRM online, accredited, program – The Material covered in the PDRM – The process by which this Material is covered, and the Intended Outcome achieved. The PDRM program brochure can be […]


This short section on Humanitarian Standards and Codes of Conduct is covered in Module 1 of the online Participatory Disaster Risk Management (PDRM) program.  Follow the link below to the PDRM. The section Humanitarian Standards and Codes of Conduct includes an overview of the historical development of humanitarian, as well as development of more recent […]


Note the article below on global disaster statistics over the period 2000-2019.  This summarises the number of natural diasters over this period, together with people killed and affected, and damage caused. This material is covered in Module 1 of the online Participatory Disaster Risk Management (PDRM) program.  Press the link below for a copy of […]

July Update

The TorqAid July Update includes details of the forthcoming PDRM workshop (see both Home and Training pages), as well as the latest TorqAid Toolkit, and some material on COVID-19. July

online pdrm details

The 2020 online Participatory Disasater Risk Management (PDRM) program can be found at the link below.  This includes separate links to a Registration Form and Assignment. The link below includes other details relating to the PDRM, particularly those relating to registration dates; time commitments; and documentation including Certificates of Completion .  

Bushfires Agency Directory

Enclosed below is an agency directory, particularly for some key organisations involved in the Recovery Stage of the 2019/2020 Australian bushfires scenario.  This has been updated as at June 2020.

GTAV bushfire article

This is a copy of the bushfire-related article entitled ‘ Bushfires:  Is the 2019/2020 bushfire season a portent for the future?’, which Chris wrote in January 2020 for the March 2020 edition of the Geography Teachers Association of Victoria (GTAV)’s quareterly magazine ‘Interaction’.  The GTAV link to this is https://www.gtav.asn.au/resources/interaction-current-issues, but this article can also […]