Separate to his roles as NGO Field Director in Bangladesh; NGO team Leader in Somalia; UN role with the Rohingya in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh; and NGO support office positions in Australia, Belgium & the UK, Chris has also worked in a number of global humanitarian advisory, consultancy and mentoring/networking roles. Advisory work is normally of medium term duration (eg 3-6 months); consultancy is generally of somewhat shorter duration; whilst mentoring/networking is primarily relationship building with fellow humanitarian practitioners.

Global Humanitarian Adviser

This has included:

  • Bushfire Recovery Adviser (BRA) to a Victorian church agency following the 2000 bushfires.
  • Global Humanitarian Adviser (GHA) for three European-based agencies.
  • Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Advisor with a national church-based agency in Vanuatu.
  • DRM Advisor for the Tonga National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO).
  • DRM Adviser for a Victorian church involved in community-based recovery initiatives following the 2009 bushfires and 2011 floods
  • Crisis Centre Advisor to Albanian church agencies in Tirana responding to the 1999 influx of refugees from Kosovo

Global Humanitarian Consultant

This has included:

  • Separate Community Based Disaster Risk Management (CBDRM) Consultancies for NGOs in Laos, PNG, Vanuatu, and the Solomon Islands.
  • DRM expert on an Australian Government mission to Cambodia, planning out the comprehensive resettlement and reintegration program of refugees from Thailand
  • NGO recovery initiatives in Indonesia and Sri Lanka, following the Indian Ocean tsunami; and in Myanmar, following Cyclone Nargis
  • UN capacity building role with the Comprehensive Disaster Management Program (CDMP) in Bangladesh
  • Member of the joint Australian-PNG government team planning out recovery initiatives following the tsunami at Aitape, PNG
  • Logistical planning for chartered aircraft carrying humanitarian supplies into Ethiopia, Bangladesh, and Jordan
  • Team member on drought assessments for NGOs working in both PNG and Afghanistan

Global Humanitarian Mentor

This has included:

  • Ongoing networking with expert global humanitarian practitioners based out of NZ, Australia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Malawi & South Africa.
  • Mentoring humanitarian and development practitioners, working out of Malawi, Afghanistan and Niger.
  • Co-founder of Torquay Food Aid, the Melbourne Development Circle (MDC), and the Syrian Community (SC)/Humanitarian Community (HC) Forum.