TorqAid offers services in the three key areas of humanitarian consultancy/advisory work, training, and resources.  This website page focuses in on the first of these, whilst other pages deal with training and resources. Advisory work is largely built around an ongoing relationship with the client in question, whilst consultancy is more about one-off contracts with individual clients.  Mentoring is more of an ongoing one-to-one relationship with the Global or Australian Humanitarian or Development Practitioner in question.

Global Humanitarian Adviser

Currently Chris has been working, since March 2020, as a Bushfire Recovery Advisory (BRA) to a Victorian-wide church-based agency, which is supporting 2019/2020 bushfire affected households and communities in and around three areas in the east of the State.

In the past Chris has worked as:

  • Global Humanitarian Adviser (GHA) for three European-based agencies.
  • Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Advisor with a national church-based agency in Vanuatu.
  • DRM Advisor for the Tonga National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO).
  • DRM Adviser for a Victorian church involved in community-based recovery initiatives following the 2009 bushfires and 2011 floods
  • Crisis Centre Advisor to Albanian not-for-profit (NFP) agencies in Tirana responding to the 1999 influx of refugees from Kosovo

Global Humanitarian Consultant

Global Humanitarian consultancy work has included:

  • A three month UN mission in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh working with the Rohingya refugees.
  • Carrying out separate Community Based Disaster Risk Management (CBDRM) Consultancies in Laos, PNG, Vanuatu, and the Solomon Islands.
  • Being the DRM expert on an Australian Government mission to Cambodia, planning out the comprehensive resettlement and reintegration program of refugees from Thailand
  • Carrying out NGO recovery initiatives in Indonesia and Sri Lanka, following the Indian Ocean tsunami; and in Myanmar, following Cyclone Nargis
  • UN capacity building role with the Comprehensive Disaster Management Program (CDMP) in Bangladesh
  • Member of the joint Australian-PNG government team planning out recovery initiatives following the tsunami at Aitape, PNG
  • Planning and implementing chartered aircraft carrying humanitarian supplies into Ethiopia (2 flights), Bangladesh, and Jordan
  • Carrying out drought assessments for Australian NGOs working in both PNG and Afghanistan

Global Humanitarian Mentor

Mentoring has including:

  • Supporting a global humanitarian practitioner, working out of Malawi, since 2004
  • Shorter term mentoring initiatives supporting practitioners working in both Afghanistan and Niger.