TorqAid Training

Chris Piper, the TorqAid CEO, is an experienced Global Humanitarian & Development Practitioner, teacher/trainer/facilitator, and researcher.  With regards teaching/training/facilitation in the global humanitarian/development sector, four separate, but complementary, levels of training are offered:

  • Accredited 3-4 day Participatory Disaster Risk Management (PDRM) and Participatory Project Management (PPM) workshops
  • A new two day Train like a Champion (TLC) workshop, as well as a three day Humanitarian Train like a Champion (HTLC) workshop
  • A series of seven, mainly PDRM related, Short Courses (SCs)
  • An online PDRM program

Over the past 16 years, Chris has faciliated over 110 PDRM and Participatory Project Management (PPM) workshops across Australia and overseas.   These workshops can be customised and delivered to individual clients. The links to the generic PDRM and PPM workshops are given below.

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A new ‘Train Like a Champion’ (TLC) program has been introduced towards the end of 2019.  This includes a ‘one-pager’ on TLC teaching techniques and tips; a two day TLC program; and a three day ‘Humanitarian Teach Like a Champion’ (HTLC) program.  Follow the links below to these three separate TLC components .

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There are a series of seven Short Courses (SCs), and the link to these is

The online PDRM is currently under review, with a new program to be introduced in early 2020.  The link to this online program is given below.