Project Management Cycle

The Project Management Cycle (PMC) has been developed and, with input from PPM (see below) students, modified by TorqAid since 2002. This diagram illustrates the three key Stages of any community development project, namely Planning, Implementation, and Post-Implementation.  Enclosed below is a jpeg copy of the landscape version of the PMC, which can also be found at


The PMC is a key tool in the teaching of the TorqAid accredited Participatory Project Management (PPM) workshop.  PPM is also one of the five key modules components of the accredited Disaster Risk Management (DRM) program.  Follow the links below for links to the generic PPM and DRM workshops.

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The PMC is also an essential tool in the development of the Project Design Document (PDD).  The PDD includes all the essential material required for a proposed project, and can be used for project proposals and submissions. Follow the link below for a link to the PDD template.