Register for our online DRM course

Using the form on this page you can register for our online DRM training. Please note that once registration is complete you will be redirected to a payment gateway where you can pay the course fee. We offer both the full DRM course with all 5 modules as well as the full DRM course with additional assignment through our online registration. Prices for these courses are displayed below.

  • Full DRM Course: $1100 AUD (inc GST)
  • Full DRM Course With Assignment: $1540 AUD (inc GST)

Additionally you can request a combination of different modules for $275 AUD (inc GST) by visiting our manual registration page and filling out the request form.

Lastly if you are a member of any of the agencies listed below you can request a 10% discount on any of our courses. Simply visit our contact page and let us know which agency you are from and we will provide you with a coupon you can use for online registration. Agencies accepted include:

ACFID; ACC/Redr Australia , CSU Emergency Management; Murdoch Univ MADevSt or MACommDev; Development Circle; LWD; Syrian Community (SC)/Humanitarian Community (HC) Forum; Geelong-based schools/churches; Vanuatu stakeholders; . ALNAP; PHAP

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Registration is currently disabled. We apologize for any inconvenience.