PPM Training

Since 2002, TorqAid has facilitated over 65 Participatory Project Management (PPM) workshops both across Australia and overseas.  Australian locations have included some specialist work with indigenous communities.  PPM is now taught in two formats, namely as contracted PPM accredited workshops by individual clients; and as the Module 4 (PPM) of the online accredited Disaster Risk Management (DRM) program.  Follow the links below to the generic PPM workshop; the online DRM program; and an overview of the DRM module 4 (PPM).

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PPM training covers the following topics, although these can be customised to meet client’s specific requirements:

  • Understanding the background context
  • Relationship building and guiding principles
  • Spatial dimensions
  • Overall framework – Project Management Cycle (PMC)
  • Stakeholders; vulnerability issues; power structures; and stakeholder coordination
  • Brainstorming and ranking community strengths and challenges
  • Key participatory tools and techniques
  • Logical framework approaches
  • Identifying baseline data and objectives.  Time-lines.  Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) framework
  • Financial and risk management
  • Capacity building and administration issues
  • Developing a Project Design Document (PDD), and proposal writing
  • Implementation and post-implementation strategies (including sustainability)
  • Example of a successful community level project

As background material to this, we are including a few complementary articles:

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