Although DRR diagram is not in my direct field of work, all of these components listed are somewhat intertwined in Social justice framework practices.
Cambodia has been a country that has been slowly going through the motions of restoration since Pol pot and the khmer rogue took place where there were serious security and safety issues this being a major disaster and no outside aid during this time could get through.
fast forward to today the country has had much development with many NGOs and Government plans and services that has brought help and aid to those that are needing it.
Many issues are still at hand with corruption being high in the worlds listings and lack of good governance, aid founding ends up going to those who arent in need creating a class divide wider than before. With economic and social development within khmer culture there is still a lot of work to do as there has been a reliance formed on aid and services given.
Maybe i have given a few reasons where these 6 components havent and arent working well or inline with the DRR diagram but if we were to have better structures and governance in place its possible to see a difference.