Again, it is an excellent discussion that most factors were considered.

A problem early on with this famine was the poor processes in place by local governments. Kenya for one, had not implemented any recognisable procedures to manage a famine. Much of a disaster management plan was in its infancy. Unfortunately, Kenyan politics has been a disaster in itself with huge amounts of impropriety and corruption evident in all parties and that delays decisions.

Once a possible famine was reported the local governments took too long to react. Most had poor supplies of reserve food and supplies, and they were reluctant to release these anyway. They were afraid of committing to a disaster that was not evident until it was 100% obvious. They may have ‘looked foolish’ if they spent their reserves and a famine din’t proceed.

Many African governments have always been reluctant to rely on ‘outsiders’ (other countries, organisations, NGOs etc) for information. They prefer to deliver the information themselves. They are afraid of looking bad in other’s eyes if they missed it themselves.