Sure, I can provide that. The FSAC is currently lead by the Acting Director of the Department of Agriculture which is within the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry, Fishing & Biosecurity (MALFFB). A new department in this ministry called the Risk & Resilience Unit (RRU) act as the cluster secretariat and FAO act as the co-lead. (This is slightly unusual – to have another department involved.)

In practice, we meet twice a month (or as often as the FSAC lead decides) to discuss any current issues, try collect 4W’s (a reporting mechanism whereby organisations / departments tell the cluster who is doing what, where and when to improve coordination and ensure there is not any duplication of activities), as well as carry out planning and preparatory measures, and DRR activities. For example – creating contingency plans and Standard Operating Procedures so everyone knows what to do in times of a disaster.

In Vanuatu there is currently a bit of a unusual circumstance in that (this – but also a couple of others) cluster has never formally been “stood down” since Cyclone Pam as happens in other places. In my understanding, this was partly due to the El Nino which hit soon after, but also because there were several organisations who found value in the coordination aspect of the cluster, and also the need to implement the lessons learned from TC Pam.

An important note about the RRU: their mandate is to help the government implement DRR/DRM measures within MALFFB – this means that they are often responsible for organising and leading some of the working groups necessary when it comes to planning & preparatory measures across the sector e.g. contingency planning etc.