In regards to one part of the issues raised by Ali Neumann “…not understand the PMC / PDD /DRM vocabulary” could be addressed by:

First by Unlearning what we know from the PMC/PDD/DRM.

Second by drawing the vocabulary from the beneficiaries or the target people on the topic or word or term. This is termed as “giving the chalk stick to target people” (one of the nine principles of participatory exercise). Which implies that, in the session, when necessary, we have time for target people to teach us – “this blackboard and the chalk stick is yours” help me learn what you call these … or what you mean by this…

Often I found people take “participation” as a technique. This approach to application of “participatory ….” is many a time counter productive. “Participatory …” (what ever the session may be) is a philosophy of discourse. The key issue is: the discourse is understood by all present at full length. Where target people are at ease and comfort to communicate with comprehensive understanding.

Third apply that (word, phrase, concept, ideas) in the session. Use their terminology instead.

One of the commonest stumbling block confronted is terminology of season based name of month. For example, in Bangladesh we have six seasons. When talking to beneficiaries at the field it is counter productive to teach them “mid-June to Mid-August” is rainy season, rather so comfortable to say “Ashar-Srabon” is the rainy season.