I feel, more than other issues in development sector, phasing out project/program, is inevitable to disaster risk project/program implementer i.e. in DRR sub-sector. Unlike other sub-sectors in development sector, DRR project/program perpetually maintain a cyclic PMC (not a circle rather a spring roll). Projects in DRR sub-sector when focused on adaptation and/or mitigation undergo a lengthy series of activities. And thus, at some point in time, the key player has to phaseout or take-up changes in their role; and the consequently roles of other stakeholders.

The key issue here is phasing out is more of a OD (organizational development) than programming. Therefore, the relevant activities that may be: at the initial stage is to conduct (a) Preparatory Workshop, (b) tasks (sub-activities) analysis, then (c) transfer of role analysis, (d) OD needs assessment, (e) phasing out strategy, (f) Change management functions, and (g) Program design workshop, These are some generic activities in phasing out with induced elements of sustainability. Different organizations for the sake of differences in them may need to undertake some other OD activities.

This is open to feedback from all.