Hi everyone,
I found this study very interesting and the content is something I have experienced personally as I have tried to navigate qualifications in humanitarian and development work for myself but not considered in the broader professionalisation of the global humanitarian workforce.
In a sector that is so multidisciplinary with limited academic structure (particularly for low to mid-level qualifications), the competency framework provides a good resource to ensure cohesiveness and understanding of the required skills and knowledge to keep human resources and organisations on the same path. In any business, it is challenging to monitor and manage the quality of human performance and offer upskilling so this framework has a lot to offer.

This study was performed in 2010, can I ask if there has been any notable action on the recommendations? Has there been much progress achieved from it?
Also as there was a section on accreditation I was wondering about this course. Is this courses accredited and if so who in Australia is the accrediting body?

Thanks! Tia