Thanks, Mitchell & Kelly, for this. A lot of things resonated with what you both said. Mitchell’s comment about teams reminded me of john Adair’s Leadership Model (Task/Team/Individual); whilst Kelly’s comments on keeping abreast of best practice (ie no need to ‘te-invent the wheel’), are reasons why we include the Bibliography & Agency Directory as part of this course. Also it’s the same reasoning behind the red and green ‘Learning & Sharing Lessons’ in the Project Management Cycle (PMC). Keeping abreast of current international events is also important – i generally do this by reading/watching BBC (internet), SBS TV, Weekend Australian & Guardian Weekly. I remember when the Myanmar Cyclone Nargis struck in 2008 (and I was subsequently doing some work for an Australian NGO), I was able to pick up a book on Aung San Sui Kyi at Singapore Airport and relatively quickly and easily mug up on some of the political nuances. .