I appreciated your comment, Kelly! Interestingly, we run this exercise with Charles Sturtr Universitry (CSU) Emeregency Managers on the online course (EMG 309 Humanitarian Relief) I teach there These are folk with varying degrees of experience, and many of the competencies resonate well with them. They sometimes score their competencies on range from 1-3. Many realise that for overseas work, they may be a little light on cross-cultural experience. Interesting also that a number of them also confess a relative weakness in one of the Using Resources compencies, namely Financial Management (not my main strength either). On page 9 of the customised Agency Directory (see top of page 2 of Topic 2 Notes), there is a link to the agency Humentum – http://www.humentum.org . This is an amalgalm of three earlier agencies, one of which was Mango, which focussed in on financial management for NGOs. Humentum has similar programs, so check these out if intereested. .