Thanks Chris, those points on technology are great and I’ll check out the specific references.
Noting my absolute lack of experience in humanitarian work and with my experience being in corporate responsibility, I see most of the work in DRM is from not for profits or foreign aid programs so I guess im trying to get my head around how corporations can and should be working on DRR in particular as both a corporate social responsibility, but also business risk reduction strategy. I see corporations having a role to play in disaster preparedess in developing countries, even if it’s purely to not increase the hazards for local communities by how and where they undertake their operations, but hopefully more so that they understand DRR can assist the bottom line by improving lives of the people who they rely on.
I hope this makes sense, i am trying to apply the material to my employment so i can use it to teach our business better csr and disaster response performance. I will post about my limited experience with the pandemic later but I can tell you most businesses were completely reactive in their response.