This comment on the DRMC should ideally go in discussion under Task 3 (Key Diagrams & Issues), but we currently have a little gremlin in there somewhere which we’re winkling out. You will see that the DRMC is used in the two articles – https://www.torqaid.com/bushfires relating to bushfires, and can also be applied to the Task 7 example of hurricanes/cyclones/typhoons. As Eddy has explained, it also fits well into other hazards such as earthquakes/tsunamis. We’ll be covering the slow-onset version of the DRMC (eg for hazards/climate change) in Module 3, as we will then also the complementary Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) diagram. The article https://www.torqaid.com/drm-framework gives a good overview of these (and other) diagrams. Jpeg versions of these illustrations can also be accessed at https://www.torqaid.com/resources