Hi everyone, this is in response to Roger’s comments of the 14th March in which he discussed the DRM planning in and around Vancouver. This ISO 31000 risk management process is covered in Mod 3B (3.4.), with a summary of this on pages 8-10 of the article DRM diagrammatic framework – https://www.torqaid.com/drm-framework. Roger’s comments about logistics are also pertinent. Whilst the small Pacific islands have relatively small populations spread over vast marine distances, the challenges here are sea logistics and communications. This should be contrasted to the current emergency response and recovery stages of the PNG earthquake. The challenge here is extremely rugged terrain (and high rainfall). What is needed are re-establishment of road logistical routes up from Lae (and Madang ?) ports, up through Mount Hagen. Challenges here also include potential raskal (ie bandit) activities in remote locations. Realistically air transport is only really cost-effective in planning and surveillance. Any comments, anyone, particularly from those in PNG and Pacific ?