I learned a lot of these tips very gradually, the hard way with tutoring! The best tutors and facilitators I’ve seen incorporate these principles to heart. Enjoying both the subject material and teaching your group is very important and that is reflected in its importance to topics 1, 3, 4, 7, 9, and 10. It’s particularly heartening to see a strong focus on good preparation and evaluation in the topics – much better than the often relied-upon university teaching strategy of winging it based on a reading or overall learning objectives. Little things, like knowing the students’ names and pitching the material to their level to invigorate their own passions (topics 6 and 2 respectively) really can make all the difference! Echoing Matt’s comments, I imagine the greatest difficulty with these topics is being able to maintain high standards of teaching in a cross-cultural context, especially if you only have a group for a session or two versus a whole day / several days / a course. Topics 1-5 really shine in such a context; good preparation is key.