Hi Michael, you’re exactly right. Whilst the document does have many positive issues (and it does actually mention holiday-home owners, short-stay visitors, and day trippers on p. 14), it could do better in this area, particularly taking account of potentially vulnerable stakeholders such as school buses (travelling thru’ the bush), the elderly, children, sick etc.

That being said, the document should ideally be read in conjunction with the Surf Coast Shire’s Municipal Emergency Management Plan (MEMP). In fairness to the Barwon Otway bushfire risk landscape document, where this large focuses on (ISO 31000) risk management process which can be initiated out in the bush, The MEMP is much more focussed on the populated areas, and can be found by googling the Surf Coast Shire 2014-17 Municipal Emergency Management Plan. This does include specific sections on vulnerable stakeholders (eg socio-economic disadvantage; and those with disabilities) on pages 24/25, for example. i