Just a couple of other thoughts (and this is a little plug for this online DRM), following on from Michael B’s comments. the idea of the DRM is to provide some humanitarian training for practitioners from a variety of fields, and thus we’re looking at increasing it’s accredited status:
– For development people (and this the link to the Murdoch Univ Master of Comm Dev)
– For Emergency Managers (and the link to the Charles Sturt University EM course)
– For health people (we’re currently awaiting a final decision from a Master of Int. Healthy university provider); Water/WASH (another university); and shelters after disaster (another course !)> If you have any bright ideas or suggestions, please contact me !
– We’re also looking at accreditation from a south Pacific institution (eg USP); and ones from Singapore and the UK. Again, any input from you guys (USP, Catharine ?) . .