Thanks for your various comments here. Interesting that when TC Pam hit Vanuatu, all the communications went down (I was in Tonga at the time), and I received a phone call from a colleague in Fiji saying they were worried about the DRM Adviser in Port Vila, as no-one had heard from him. We were able to activate Humanity Road – http://www.humanityroad.org, , which mobilises social media to draw down on the situation in the ground. In fact the first sitrep (before OCHA & the Vanuatu NDMO !) was brought out by Humanity Road. As a postcript, the NDMO team was of course OK (although part of the office roof was torn off), and they were back in communications within 24 hours.
2. It would be interesting to see how media in both North America and South America is handling the Haiti Hurricane Matthew aftermath there. This situation (where poverty, and possibly corruption) is endemic, might make some people/media outlets almost sub-consciously put this in the ‘too hard basket’, and they shy away from the situation in the medium/long term. Note that ACAPS – http://www.acaps.org/country/haiti/special-reports is bring out some brilliant material.