Hi Mardi,
Thanks for these comments. To briefly answer some of your points:
1. The TST is probably the best single tool I’ve come across…and of course it can be used in different variations. As used in the West Bengal and Vanuatu examples, it can be utilised to draw out 9relatively quickly) quite complex factors…
2. Yes, the strength of the PMC is in the planning stage, rather than the implementation or post implementation stage.
3. Depending on the project, different stakeholders can be involved at the Planning, Implementation, & Post-Implementation Stage. It’s probably relatively rare than an agency such as World Vision might be involved in all three. That’s no real problem that stakeholders may just be involved in one area (eg a consultant for the planning stage), as long as he/she can see his/her role in perspective. With regards evaluations, it’s obviously better objectively if the team leader can be from outside of the organisation