Participatory Project Management

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Enclosed in this blog are a number of useful resources for the development or humanitarian practitioner.  Many of these are covered in the Module 5 of the online DRM program, these including project management tools such as the Project Management Cycle (PMC) and Project Design Document (PDD), as well as participatory tools such as the Ten Seed Technique (TST) and Seasonal Calendar.  Many of these resources are included in the TorqAid Toolkit  –

Online PDRM program

Our 2024 online Participatory Disaster Risk Management (PDRM) program is running from the 26 February through to mid June 2024. The intended outcome of this program is to provide the knowledge & skills to enable the participant to better understand, plan and implement humanitarian initiatives across the Disaster Risk Management Cycle (DRMC). Ten topics overall are taught on a weekly basis. When accompanied by three assessment tasks, the PDRM is given Advanced Standing towards a number of Master level courses (eg Sustainable Development, Development Studies) offered by Murdoch University, Perth.

Train Like a Champion

TorqAid produces a short one page ‘Train like a Champion’ (TLC) article, together with a two day ‘Train Like a Champion’ (TLC) workshop, and a three day ‘Humanitarian Train Like a Champion’ (HTLC) variant of this. This material is designed for the humanitarian or development practitioner who is required to teach or facilitate in the field, but yet who has no formal training or capacity building background.

Twelve Teaching Tips

TorqAid has developed a ‘one pager’ of Twelve Teaching Tips for development or humanitarian practitioners who do not have any formal background in teaching, training or facilitation.

Project Management Cycle

The Project Management Cycle (PMC) clearly illustrates the three key stages of Project Planning, Implementation & Post Implementation. The PMC is also a key component of the TorqAid Participatory Project Management (PPM) workshop, as well as the development of the Project Design Document (PDD). The PMC lay at the heart of a customised inter-state PPM workshop which was facilitated by TorqAid in early April 2019, mainly for practitioners involved in Aboriginal community development projects in Outback and remote Australia.

Online DRM Program

Enclosed here is the TorqAid online accredited Disaster Risk Management (DRM) program for 2018, with our next cohort of students running from Sept-Nov 2018 (people can also study at their own pace). There are six modules on offer, four related to Disaster Risk Management (DRM); one focusing on Participatory Project Management (PPM); and the sixth on Complex Humanitarian Emergencies (CHEs), with the Rohingya crisis, Syria, and Yemen as our main case studies. People can choose to study however many modules they wish, although all six modules plus the assignment questions are required for university accreditation.

PPM Training

Since 2002, TorqAid has facilitated over 70 Participatory Project Management (PPM) workshops both across Australia and overseas. Australian locations have included Torquay, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Nhullunbuy, Darwin, Alice Springs, Perth & Adelaide.  Overseas locations have included Fiji, PNG, Indonesia, Singapore, India, Afghanistan, and Albania. PPM is now taught in two formats, namely as a […]

TorqAid Training

Chris Piper, the TorqAid CEO, is an experienced Global Humanitarian & Development Practitioner, teacher/trainer/facilitator, and researcher.  With regards teaching/training/facilitation in the global humanitarian/development sector, four separate, but complementary, levels of training are offered: Accredited 3-4 day Participatory Disaster Risk Management (PDRM) and Participatory Project Management (PPM) workshops A new two day Train like a Champion […]

TorqAid Toolkit

The TorqAid Toolkit covering the period January to March 2024, has now been updated. This includes details of the 2024 online PDRM training program, as well as key useful resources including a Global Humanitarian & Development Agency Directory and a Global Humanitarian and Development Bibliography.

Teach like a Champion

Enclosed are twelve ‘Teach like a Champion’ (TLAC) teaching tips. One of the challenges facing development and humanitarian practitioners in the field is that they are invariably and regularly faced with teaching and capacity building situations. These tips are designed for those people who have not necessarily received any formal training in the art and […]