This reference links the reader to the one day Disaster Risk Management (DRM) training carried out by Chris Piper for BRAC – in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, on the 7th May 2018. Chris was at the time a Redr Australia deployee attached to UNDP, where his official title was Earely Warning Dissemination and Training Specialist. On the training side, it should be noted that he is a qualified and experienced adult educator, university lecturer, and secondary school teacher. The links below lead the read to both a short summary of this training day, together with a longer description of this.

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In the workshop summaries, mention is made of a number of key diagrams, which have been customised to the Bangladeshi and Cox’s Bazaar context. These are the Disaster Risk Management Cycle (DRMC), Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) diagram, and Risk Matrix. The links to the jpeg copies are these three diagrams are given below.

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