Chris Piper is a multi-skilled, multi-lingual Global Humanitarian Practitioner who works as a Humanitarian Adviser, trainer and research. A link to a three page summary of these skills can be accessed here.


Chris’s skills cover the spectrum of the Disaster Risk Management Cycle (DRMC), namely Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), Emergency Response, and Recovery. Follow the link below to an article on the Disaster Risk Management (DRM) diagrammatic framework, which includes details of these three stages of the DRMC.


Chris also facilitates acrredited Disaster Risk Management (DRM) workshops and an online program. Over the past 15 yars over 110 DRM and Participatory Project Management (PPM) workshops have been facilitated across Australia and overseas. The online DRM program consists of six modules, four relating to DRM, one to PPM, and the final one to Complex Humanitarian Emergencies (CHEs). Follow the link below to the current online DRM program, as well as to a generic DRM workshop which can be customised for clients.

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