Bushfire PDD

Following the February 2009 Victorian bushfires, Barrabool Hills Baptist Church (Barro) in Geelong worked with St John’s Anglican Church in Healesville to support fire-affected families, particularly those out in remote rural areas. This mainly consisted of helping people clear damaged property of burned out trees and debris, but also included refurbishing a portable cabin to be used as a temporary home. From July-August 2009, three working weekends were organised, with a separate initiative in Nov 2009 providing a coastal holiday break for some of these families. A further three working weekends were organised in 2010, with a seventh run in 2011. Separate to this, following the Victorian floods on 2011, Barro worked with Bendigo Baptist Church to carry out 3 similar working weekends for farming families in the Lodden Valley affected by floods.  Enclosed here is the Project Design Document (PDD) for the 3 bushfire-related working weekend and the holiday initiatives in 2009. The PDD is an ideal document to gather together key project material which can be utilised for funding submission purposes. Also included here is a generic version of the PDD format/template, together with a disaster risk management PDD for an NGO working in Myanmar, this being prepared at the end of 2016.

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