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The 2019/20 Australian bushfire season has been unprecedented in its intensity and geographical spread. Chris has subsequently both prepared an article on bushfires for the Geography Teachers Association of Victoria’s (GTAV), and also done some Bushfire Recovery Adviser (BRA) work for a major church agency in the east of the state.

Global Disaster Statistics

The Red Cross produces an Annual ‘World Disasters Report’. In the appendices are disaster related statistics over a ten year period. What we’ve done here is summarised in a composite table the numbers of disasters over the past decade; the number of people killed and affected over this period; and the damage caused over these […]

Teach like a Champion

Enclosed are twelve ‘Teach like a Champion’ (TLAC) teaching tips. One of the challenges facing development and humanitarian practitioners in the field is that they are invariably and regularly faced with teaching and capacity building situations. These tips are designed for those people who have not necessarily received any formal training in the art and […]

Ten Seed Technique

The Ten Seed Technique (TST) is a brilliant ranking tool which can be used in both development and humanitarian situations. The link below is to a paper which summarises the use of the TST in two development settings (West Bengal, india, and Darwin, Northern Territory), and a humanitarian one (Vanuatu). The TST is taught in […]

So what is Participatory Project Management (PPM)

One of the key TorqAid diagrams mentioned in the TorqAid Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Diagrammatic Framework article is the Project Management Cycle (PMC). This article relates to Participatory Project Management (PPM) across the three stages of the PMC, namely Preparation, Implementation, and Post-implementation. Click here to download a comprehensive outline of Participatory Project Management Click […]

Humanitarian Issues

  Enclosed in this blog are a number of key items which relate to the first four modules of the TorqAid online accredited Disaster Risk Management (DRM) program.  Also included will be other other global or Australian material which is relevant to humanitarian issues.

Participatory Project Management

Enclosed in this blog are a number of articles which relate to the development or humanitarian practitioner, and are particularly relevant to Module 5 (participatory Project Management) of the TorqAid accredited Disaster Risk Management (DRM) program.  This includes project management items such as the Project Management Cycle (PMC), and the Project Design Document (PDD); as well […]