TorqAid Toolkit

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The TorqAid Toolkit has been fully updated for 2017, and includes the key items on this page (ie the three components mentioned below; the DRM diagrammatic framework; the key TorqAid diagrams highlighted on this page), as well as some other useful articles for the humanitarian and development practitioner.

  • Humanitarian Guiding Principles, Standards and Codes of Conduct

  • Humanitarian & Development Bibliography

  • Humanitarian and Development Agencies Directory.

Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Diagrammatic Framework

The heart of TorqAid’s DRM consultancy and training are the seven key diagrams embedded in the DRM Diagrammatic Framework Download

Four of these diagrams (and two variations of these), are TorqAid designs, these being the Disaster Risk Management Cycle (DRMC), the Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) diagram; the DRM Planning diagram; and the Project Management Cycle (PMC).  All of these TorqAid designs are illustrated below. The other three diagrams included in the DRM diagrammatic article are the risk matrix; the ISO 31000 risk management process; and the Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS).

Variations of these diagrams have been produced in different languages, and there is the opportunity for clients to both brand these diagrams with their agency logo, and/or have them translated into other languages.  Enquire here (link) for details and costs of this service.

  • Disaster Risk Management Cycle (DRMC) - Sudden Impact

  • Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) - Sudden Impact

  • Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Planning

  • Disaster Risk Management Cycle (DRMC) - Slow Impact

  • Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) - Slow Impact

  • Project Management Cycle (PMC)