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Humanitarian Consultancy and Training

(Photo: Anglican Overseas Aid/Iuma Bani)

What is TorqAid

TorqAid is an Australian-based international development consultancy which has operated since 1992. It offers a range of humanitarian, development and training services across Australia and overseas.  Its Directors, Chris and Marilyn Piper, are experienced humanitarian and development practitioners, who, between them, have worked in the Asian-Pacific region; Eastern and Southern Africa; Central America; the US; Europe; and Australia. TorqAid also draws down on input from the TorqAid Advisory Team (TAT), which is a pool of sectoral and country/regional experts.

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25 July - 26 Aug

Are you interested in learning more about the Disaster Risk Management Cycle; Risk Management and Disaster Risk Reduction? If yes then you should think about enrolling in our next DRM training course running between July 25h and Aug 26th. To learn more about the course and find out how you can register click the button below and visit our training page.


Consultancies are primarily humanitarian focussed.  They include the preparation for, response to, and recovery from, a range of hazards and potential disasters.


As well as separately teaching at university and in schools, accredited training is offered in two main subjects; Disaster Risk Management (DRM) and Participatory Project Management (PPM).

Upcoming Training Dates

The first online DRM workshop is being offered from the 25th July – 26th August 2016.  This will be followed by other online DRM workshops throughout 2016 and 2017.


A useful ‘TorqAid Toolkit’ is available, as well as six key diagrams which clearly illustrate humanitarian and project management scenarios. 

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Chris has recently completed a five month contract in Vanuatu supporting the Anglican Church of Melanesia (ACOM). His role as DRM Adviser assisted ACOM as it recovers both from the March 2015 Tropical Cyclone (TC) Pam, and responds to the 2015/16 el Nino drought. From Nov 2014-May 2015, Chris was DRM Adviser to the Kingdom of Tongas’s National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO).



TorqAid provides pro-bono humanitarian advice and leadership to the Syrian Community (SC)/Humanitarian Community (HC) Forum, which meets regularly in Melbourne. The Forum closely monitors the humanitarian situation across the Middle East, and supports the Syrian diaspora in Melbourne as it prepares to welcome some of the shortly to be arriving 12,000 Syrian refugees.


Essential Resources for Practitioners

TorqAid both develops practical tools which can be used in the international humanitarian and development sectors, and also monitors humanitarian and development resources produced both within Australia and internationally.  Examples of these will be included in this blog.