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  • Disaster Risk Management
    Disaster Risk Management The DRM workshop equips humanitarian practitioners with essential disaster-related skills. Read More
  • Participatory Project Management
    Participatory Project Management The PPM Workshop teaches practical project management and community development skills. Read More
  • Consulting
    Consulting Chris is an experienced practitioner with over 30 years in the humanitarian and development sector. Read More


The Australian Aid Resource and Training Guide (AARTG) is a resource which everyone from practitioners to students can connect into the humanitarian/development world.

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  • Finding Work The AARTG is a fantastic resource for finding employment in the development sector.
  • Training Courses List of upcoming Australian graduate programs and training courses.
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About TorqAid

TorqAid was established in 1992 to provide a range of consultative and training/facilitation services to humanitarian and community development practitioners working in both Australia and overseas. It currently offers support in  project management; community development; disaster risk management/humanitarian services; training/facilitation; mentoring; and development research and publication. Consultancy services in the development and humanitarian sectors have been carried out in multiple locations across the Asian-Pacific; Southern and East African; and Southern European regions.

TorqAid training has mainly focussed in on the facilitation of a couple of accredited workshops.  These are Participatory Project Management (PPM) and Disaster Risk Management (DRM) workshops, and, by mid 2015, a total of over 100 of these courses had been delivered in both Australia and overseas since 2002. Both workshops are accredited at postgraduate level with three Australian universities (with others under consideration). Chris separately teaches emergency management at Charles Sturt University, whilst Marilyn teaches, tutors and mentors students in both nutrition and international health at Deakin and Victoria Universities.

The two key TorqAid Directors are Chris and Marilyn Piper

Chris Piper (MICD)

Chris is a multi-skilled development/humanitarian practitioner and qualified trainer/facilitator, who has worked extensively across the Australian, Asian-Pacific, Eastern & Southern Africa, and European regions. He is a member of the Australian Civilian Corps (ACC), this including being part of the 2015 Post Disaster Recovery Team;  the Australian Institute of Emergency Services (MAIES); and Professionals in Humanitarian Assistance and Protection (PHAP).  From Nov 2014-May 2015, Chris was the DFAT/ACC-supported Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Adviser to the Kingdom of Tonga's National  Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO). 

Marilyn Piper (MPH)

Marilyn is a Public Health Nutritionist, who has worked in Australia, Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan (Darfur), Zimbabwe, and Belize.  She has carried out separate consultancies in Zimbabwe and India. She is a member of the Nutrition Society of Australia; Public Health Association of Australia; Emergency Nutrition Network; and Global Health and Development Network.


A selection of TorqAid publications and articles.

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Visual guides to better understand Humanitarian and Development frameworks.

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UNI Accreditation

Earn credit on specific postgrad courses by completing workshops plus assignment.

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For background reading for both DRM and PPM see the following selected bibliographies.

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